Website refurb.

After months of procrastination, I have finally gotten around to revamping  The site was long overdue a face lift, as the business has evolved since setting up shop 2 years ago this month.  I’ll be streamlining the cost of all jobs and be charging a flat fee instead of individual prices per job.  Not quite sure what I’ll settle on, but rest assured it will be less than my competitors ( The average price for repair in Aberdeen is £55 an hour ).

Aside from familiarising myself with the art of web design, I’ve had quite a busy weekend with laptop repair and wireless printer setup.  Honestly, wireless printers seem to be more hassle then they are worth.  I’ve had three jobs this month looking at them and it’s so easy to mess these things up – it’s no wonder!


An introduction

Hi, my name is Doug Morrison and this is my blog.  As a bit of a geek, this blog will consist of my encounters within the world of computers.  The blog is named after a computer repair company I run during my free time, so you can expect a lot of content relating to that to crop up.  During the regular working day I work for a University in Scotland as a Systems Administrator.

I’m a pretty big tech enthusiast, so there me be the odd opinionated post here and there.  I am also an avid PC gamer, so don’t be surprised if I go through spurts of discussing the latest Shogun 2 DLC, or my disappointment at EA DICE’s newest release in the Battlefield Series…

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, I run a computer repair business in and around Aberdeen.  Feel free to visit my site,

That concludes the initial ‘background’ post, now to write the first entry!