An introduction

Hi, my name is Doug Morrison and this is my blog.  As a bit of a geek, this blog will consist of my encounters within the world of computers.  The blog is named after a computer repair company I run during my free time, so you can expect a lot of content relating to that to crop up.  During the regular working day I work for a University in Scotland as a Systems Administrator.

I’m a pretty big tech enthusiast, so there me be the odd opinionated post here and there.  I am also an avid PC gamer, so don’t be surprised if I go through spurts of discussing the latest Shogun 2 DLC, or my disappointment at EA DICE’s newest release in the Battlefield Series…

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, I run a computer repair business in and around Aberdeen.  Feel free to visit my site,

That concludes the initial ‘background’ post, now to write the first entry!


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