MDT 2012 RC1

I got my hands on the latest release of MDT 2012 a couple of weeks back and finally got stuck into it this last week. Our deployment server was already 2012 beta 2 after some difficulties with MDT 2010 and our latest batch of HPs, so it was a simple upgrade from beta to release candidate 1.

The new interface and menu items look and feel pretty slick, the additional content is welcomed also, a good start! I haven’t had much time to play around with all the new features but here is what I’ve learned so far…

Adding applications
Adding applications hasn’t changed any since the 2010 version, however creating software bundles has changed slightly. Instead of simply choosing from a list of already uploaded software packages one at a time, you can select multiple items via check box. Brilliant for those who want to create software bundles that will roll out 20-30 applications during the TS without interaction with a user. The only problem is that when you select an item, regardless of the order at which you select, the apps will appear in the dependency page in alphabetical order. A bit of a let down in my book, but so far, the only gripe I have about the update.

Deploying a VHD
Most of those in the IT world are familiar with Virtual Machines now. So the ability to deploy an entire OS to a VHD file is very enticing. The new TS can also add the VHD to the boot menu making it bootable at startup. We have a real need at my place of work to roll out a complete OS to a client machine in addition to a fully functional VHD. Although originally intended to allow admins to roll out OS builds to files, I am determined to get this working! I will no doubt be posting more on this topic in weeks to come as it’s something I’m quite excited about.

The Workbench has a new feature allowing you to monitor what is currently being rolled out to client workstations. Should be a very useful feature while rolling out builds to multiple workstations across the whole organisation.

That’s all I’ve come across so far. I’ll be sure to add more notes when I come across the various new features of the software. Verdict so far? It’s looking pretty sweet!


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