Replacing Screen inverter in an HP Pavillion dv2500

This week I have been looking at an HP Pavillion dv2500 that had an intermittent backlight.  The backlight would flicker on if you opened and closed the screen, leading me to believe it was the LCD inverter cable that sits in the hinge of the screen.  After taking the laptop apart and replacing the cable the problem persisted.  The only solution remaining, aside from replacing the screen, was to swap out the actual inverter board.  A fairly simple process:

1.  Remove the screw covers on the laptop lid, and then remove the screws.

2. Using a credit card or something similar, snap open the lid.

3.  Remove the lid, exposing the screen and the inverter which sits between the hinges underneath the screen.

4.  Unscrew the two screws to the left and right of the board, and unplug the LCD cable and power lead.

5.  Replace the inverter board and reassemble the laptop.


Sorry for the lack of photographs in this post, I had to do this job in a rush.


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