Mac GUI Bootloader using rEFIt

As eluded to in a previous post, I used rEFIt to manage the GUI bootloader of our iMacs.  This simplifies the boot menu when dual booting an imac.

Working with rEFIt

rEFIt creates a GUI bootloader for Macs.  It is very easy to work with.  Simply install it and navigate to the /efi/refit folder and open refit.conf using the Texteditor.  The .conf is very well laid out and describes in sufficient detail which parts control what aspect of the GUI.

I have created a .bmp logo which I have dumped in the refit directory, referenced it in the .conf file and uncommented the line from the script.

For obvious safety reasons, I have uncommented the ‘disable all’ line from the .conf file so that the only options for booting the Mac is the internal disk.  By default all methods are displayed in the GUI meaning that users can boot from external USB, CD and from the network.  You can, if you prefer, select which of these items you’d like to disable if you prefer not to disable all of them.

You can select which partition or what Operating System takes priority in booting up.  Like the other options, the commented lines within the .conf give details instructions on this, but basically W=Windows, L=Linux, and so on.


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