Oracle VMs

Of late I have been involved in many projects.  The largest of which is the full virtualisation of our current Oracle provision.  The project challenges were to create a virtual image that was powerful enough to run various Oracle services, to not void any license agreements if students were to take the image home to work on.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time this last year playing around with various virtual environments and was quite eager to put some of this new knowledge to the test.  The problem with oracle is that it is very resource hungry so running it in a virtual environment on top of a host OS isn’t very viable.  The solution for this was to create a VHD that could be added to the native boot menu and booted to as if the machine was a dual boot.  Doing this unlocks the full power of the machine to the Virtual Image, but retains the flexibility of a being a Virtual Hard Drive and therefore a file!

So far we are 6 months in to teaching using this new method and everything seems to be running smoothly.  It’s not the ideal solution, but the trick is to provide the best service you can within the physical and financial constraints of Higher Education!

Time permitting, I will get a quick guide to providing this infrastructure along with things to look out for in the coming weeks.